Join us in a united effort to make a difference.

Gratitude! It is one of the most important human emotions.

As a member of the I.F.T. , I feel that we are all very fortunate to lead a very blessed life. The war in Ukraine among other atrocities that are presently happening in the world need to be addressed.

As a group, I hope that we can combine efforts and make a difference and stop these injustices. The benefits are also self serving. The gratitude we will experience from helping others is priceless! We must not let history repeat itself!

Join us in a united effort to be as effective as possible and as always I welcome any comments and suggestions.

Eliot Carmi
President, CEO
Carmi Flavors & Fragrances

I feel blessed and grateful because I had an opportunity to express my creativity and feelings for what is going on in my homeland Ukraine – through my artwork, I feel enormously happy because Carmi Flavors and Fragrances believed in my sincere desire to donate my artworks for charity.

As I have promised I donated all money that I have received for my artwork “Cry for Ukraine” to two orphanage institutions and to one volunteers’ association in Ukraine (you can see all evidence on

Carmi Flavors with me – we hope to motivate more people to donate and buy artworks to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Let’s do it together!

With Love and Gratitude, Vira.

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